Recruitment specialized in the area of accounting. Customized recruitment solutions.
We train candidates according to the requirements of the company in the area of accounting.
Recruitment specialized in the area of accounting. Customized recruitment solutions.

Welcome to Fornaris Staffing and Training Services

Our services are based on finding the right and qualified people in the area of ​​accounting for your work team, always providing you with customized recruitment solutions, with specialized recruitment and professional training.

FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING SERVICES is created by professionals who have worked for more than 10 years in the area of ​​accounting. Not only do we match a resume with a job description, but we match the perfect candidate with the right position.

Here we live the vocation for a high value service for our clients, ensuring their loyalty. We vibrate with passion and enthusiasm for excellence and the achievement of extraordinary results.

For this reason, at FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING SERVICES we work people who act in an integral way, valuing the human being as the axis of our organization, we have experience offering all the hiring solution you need through recruitment, evaluation, training and talent management, to time we found significant and sustainable jobs for millions of people through our company.

The effectiveness of our services will ensure your company the entry of suitable personnel in the accounting area with the appropriate skills for the development of the functions, guaranteeing 100% of our work, which is literally reflected in the signing of the contract with us.

The main objective of recruitment is to attract and provide enough candidates from which the members of the organization will be selected, so this process is extremely important for it, since the achievement of the company’s objectives depends on the people who she works.

Complete Staffing & Training Services


We know that when a search for accounting leadership is conducted, it is important to ensure a verified, motivated and capable placement as soon as possible. Our experience allows us to do exactly that, in less half the time of a traditional search company or team of internal recruitment.


Training the new member of the company can sometimes be tedious in the midst of your team’s daily work, which is why, when we recruit and hire for you we take care of looking for the perfect candidate and deliver it trained.

Training Courses and Workshops

An individual’s commitment to their work goals is determined by the opportunities offered by the company to meet their personal goals, to the extent that they meet their work goals. The greatest success in companies is to have a trained team and at the forefront of the system in which we live


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