Training Services


At FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING SERVICES we share our knowledge, our experience and our resources in the area of ​​accounting, so that we all have the same level of adaptability, understanding and training so that the company continues its course without traumas or obstacles.

Customized Training

In the current dynamics of economic sectors, the success of companies depends largely on the knowledge and competitiveness of their human capital.

In FORNARIS STAFFING AND TRAINING we include training as part of our recruitment and hiring service for new members of your team, we carry out the entire process of adaptability and learning in the corresponding accounting area in accordance with the functions and procedures stipulated in the company.

We include training as an added value to our personnel services and we also offer training in the area of accounting individually, which allows you to have the option of training your team when your company requires it.

One of our great strengths is to teach and train people, we have the professionalism, ethics and certifications required for it.

What Fornaris Staffing & Training provides you


Training Courses & Workshops

Lead a team, have people in your charge or work in Human Resources as responsible for the human talent of the organization, your goal is to create an environment that motivates people to give their best and work with passion and purpose, and inspire them with a vision that leads them to do things differently to generate better results, then our Training courses and workshop services are perfect for you.

Positions Trained

We offer accounting training in the different fully certified areas such as:

  • Accounting Course
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Intensive Personal Tax Course
  • Intensive Tax Course for Corporations
  • Quickbooks Training and more.


The greatest success in companies is to have a trained team and at the forefront of the system in which we live, accounting is not only one of the fastest growing fields in business, it is also one that every organization needs now and in the future. Well-maintained accounting training and training helps develop a solid ethic that matches the desired financial insight.